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About Woerden-Sales

Woerden-Sales started in 2005 and after just a few years we already delivered a quality range of “standard” forged steel parts to almost all major trailer manufacturers in Western Europe. We have these parts specially manufactured for Woerden-Sales in India, China and Pakistan.

By cleverly combining loads of various parts, we can have full containers produced, which guarantees a low purchase. In addition, we work efficiently with low overhead costs and are therefore an interesting supplier for every trailer producer.

The driving force behind Woerden-Sales is founder, owner and director Gerard Woerdenbag. With more than 25 years of experience in technical wholesaling, he is further expanding Woerden-Sales. He does this from the basis that now lies: within the niche market of truck trailer parts, Woerden-Sales is a well-known name as a small company.

Woerden-Sales believes in local involvement, development, law and justice:

A- We are involved in a project that educates underprivileged girls in Ghana and teach a trade so that they can continue independently. Project: Western Girls Training Center with local management.

B- We support the oppressed Christian minority in Pakistan in developing their own small businesses.

C- We support a local Christian organization that is committed to supporting and developing that minority.

D- We are LIFE partner of the 4th Musketeer, a men’s movement that is committed to “Justice & Justice. Compassion and Opendoors are organizations that get the attention and motivate men to resume their position and responsibility in society and in the church.

E- Via Biogas Pakistan we aim to set up large biogas projects. Goals: less environmental pollution, reuse of waste streams, renewable energy and new jobs.

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