General terms

General conditions regarding delivery of goods from Woerden-Sales

1 – Validity.
These conditions apply to all our offers, communications, acceptances, deliveries and agreements, except
if and insofar as we declare otherwise in writing.

2 – Offers.
Our offers, quotes and the like are without obligation, as well as announcements regarding the technical specifications of our products and of
concerning delivery times, which we can only state normally, based on normal circumstances. The buyer can never do this
derive the right to refuse the products or to suspend his payment obligation, while he is also not entitled to
terminate the agreement. Quotations are made at the then current prices, with the right reserved to us
passing on any increases in duties, excise duties and the like and the purchase prices. The latter also due to
currency ratios.

3 – Agreements.
The agreements only bind us when they have been confirmed by us in writing.

4 – Delivery and transfer of risk.
Deliveries are in accordance with ICO terms 2000 and are “Ex Works”
Delivery takes place ex warehouse, which is understood to mean the place from which delivery is made by or on behalf of us. From that moment is
the risk for the buyer.
If the buyer refuses to accept the goods, we are entitled to receive the order without judicial intervention and notice of default
declare the agreement dissolved, without prejudice to our right to full compensation. We have the right of the
to require the buyer to provide security for the fulfillment of his obligations while we are also entitled to suspend deliveries
if the buyer has not yet fulfilled his payment obligations as a result of deliveries made earlier by us.

5 – Quantity.
Woerden-Sales is entitled to deliver the quantity on contract plus or minus 10%.

6 – Ownership.
Goods remain the property of Woerden-Sales as long as full payment has not been made. Even if these are processed in
products or are resold. The risk and costs up to the moment of full payment are for the account of the buyer. In case of any
late payment, Woerden-Sales is authorized to take back the goods that belong to him, for which the Buyer has all the required
will cooperate.

7 – Liability.
Woerden-Sales is not liable for damage resulting from contracts or delivered goods. The buyer must fully inform us
safeguard against any claims from third parties. For complaints that must be reported in writing within 5 days and approved
are found, Woerden-Sales is entitled to replace the goods with due observance of a reasonable delivery time (purchase of material,
production and transport) or to credit the value of the goods to a maximum.

8 – Payment term.
Provided otherwise stated in the contract, the payment term is 14 days after the invoice date.
If the payment obligation is not met within 14 days, a default interest of 1% per month from the invoice date will be charged.
are being brought. In addition, collection costs with a minimum of € 100 will be charged to the buyer.

9 – Warranty.
Our guarantee, if given, does not go beyond supplying new parts and materials to replace that
is defective. If it concerns a factory warranty, then it applies equally to the buyer, with us as an intermediary.

10 – Force majeure and disputes.
In the event of force majeure on our part, the agreement will be suspended as long as the force majeure situation makes it impossible for us to perform it.
We may also terminate the agreement without legal intervention.

In the event of disputes, an attempt will be made to reach mutual agreement. If the dispute persists, then mediation will be considered, if
If this does not result in a national delivery, only the District Court in Haarlem is authorized to hear
of disputes. For international deliveries, we propose the dispute under the Rules of Arbitration or the International Chamber of
Commerce ”. The ICC ruling will be seen as final and binding on both parties.