Nafta Bolts and Nuts

About Nafta Bolts and Nuts

Woerden-Sales supplies customer-specific fastening materials.

Mainly for truck and trailer manufacturers and our own part line.

M14 bolts (M14x95mm) for large chassis clamps (WS-CK-001, CK-002, CK-003 and CK-007)
M16 bolts for extra-heavy chassis clamps (WS-CK-004 and WS-CK-008)
M12 bolts for small and medium chassis clamps (WS-CK-005 and WS-CK-006)
Also rings, nuts and lock nuts

All fasting parts can have their own anti-rust finish/treatment as per customer request.

– phospahterous, black                                      no protection
– zinc plated                                                         min. 24 hrs. saltspray test
– hot dip zinc                                                        min. 96 hrs. saltspray test
– KTL coating                                                       min. 240 hrs. saltspray test
– Geomet                                                              min. 506 hrs. saltspray test

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