NAFTA demolition wheel 350 x 4 mm, metal SP (100 pcs)

1,290.00 Excl. BTW

NAFTA demolition disc 350 x 4 mm SP (100 pcs)



NAFTA demolition disc 350 x 4 mm SP (100 pcs)

High performance demolition disc for use on motor cutting discs.
Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Bosch, Hilti motor grinder for 350 mm.

– very high tool life.
– fast material removal
– good cooling
– low dust formation
– less vibration, less breakage.
– extra sturdy center ring

Through Woerden-Sales, NAFTA only delivers quality products for applications in trailer construction, independent production of metal objects, scrap yards and construction. Cut easily and quickly through, among other things, steel beams, rubble and wood.