Wheel wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 steel (50 pcs)

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Industrial wheel wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 steel (50 pcs), item no. WS-WR-002



Industrial Wheel Wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 steel (50 pcs)

Wheel wrench is suitable for heavy applications, trucks etc.
Length is 430 mm, cap size 32 and 33 mm.
Tapered rod 630x19mm, “hardened and tempered” with knotched end.
Max moment without permanent distortion 900 Nm.

Most M22x1.5 wheel nuts have a recommended torque of 600 Nm.
An adult man can push down 100 kg (1000 N). This with a usable length
of the winding rod of 0.6 m gives a torque of 600 Nm.