Wheel wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 with tapered rod 630x19mm (5 pcs)

134.75 Excl. BTW

Wheel wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 steel (5 pcs)

Art. WS-WR-002


Wheel wrench, 32x33mm, 31CrV3 steel, (5 pcs)

Wheel wrench is suitable for heavy applications, such as on-board tools in trucks, tailers, steel and concrete anchors etc.
Length is 430 mm, cap dimensions 32 and 33 mm.
Tapered rod 630×19 mm, “hardened and tempered” with knotched end.
The Max. moment without permanent distortion is 900 Nm.

Most M22x1.5 wheel nuts have a recommended torque of 600 Nm.
An adult man can push down 100 kg (1000 N). This with a usable length
of the winding rod of 0.6 m gives a torque of 600 Nm.

Woerden-Sales developed these wheel wrenches in-house based on experience with market needs. We deliver these wheel wrenches throughout Europe.