About Galvanizing

Woerden-Sales can give the parts and tools virtually any surface treatment that the customer wants. We would like to think along with you in which solution is the most economical. Untreated, only sandblasted or treated with anti-rust oil is the minimum.

Electroplating, “zinc plating” means applying a thin layer of protective zinc by means of potential difference.
Hot dip galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, “hot zip zinc is the application of a thick layer of zinc by immersing the component in liquid zinc.

We also know KTL, powder coating, Dacromet and Geomet treatments of parts. We can all do this (except Dacromet and yellow zinc plating) without applying Chrome VI.

Full bath / Hot dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing, also known as Full dip galvanizing or “Hot dip zinc” is often done in large government controlled factories. Provides good protection against corrosion (rust).


Electroplating, “zinc plating” is a form of galvanizing by making use of potential difference. Gives a nice glossy thin layer of zinc, but does protect a little less than hot dip.

Electroplating Large

If it concerns large objects or large series, the transport to an automated factory is worthwhile. Certainly also from an environmental point of view, efficiency and constant quality / control, this is our preference.

Questions about Galvanizing?