Horizontal Forging

About Horizontal Forging

Horizontal forging is used with caps and other “hollow” tools such as wheel wrenches.

By forging both sides at the same time, the force is distributed homogeneously and a forged exterior is created which is equally strong everywhere. In the case of cheaper vertical forging, there is no such equal pressure of forging and would rather lead to cracking or breaking.

In addition, only the part to be forged is heated. This saves energy and the environment. In our factory we opt for induction heating as this is easier to set and control. Coal is bad for the environment and less controllable. Gas is a good solution but less efficient.

Woerden-Sales mainly has the 32x33mm wheel wrench and the single 32mm wheel wrench produced here. Last year we passed 7 million in the factory.

Questions about Horizontal Forging?