Pour over wax

About Pour over wax

This technique is also called precision casting or silica sol casting and is one of the oldest casting techniques.

This technology offers unlimited freedom in design and choice of materials. Products can vary from a few grams to more than a hundred kilos. Specific applications can be found in the automotive and process industries

By producing wax models with water-soluble or ceramic cores, it is possible to realize complex, internal structures in castings. Due to the high precision of this technique, it is very suitable to convert conventional, produced products into castings, where minimal post-processing is required and the weight of the end product can be reduced.

Lost wax cast components can be easily sharpened. Due to the low investments in molds and start-up costs, it does not matter with this technique whether it concerns a few pieces or hundreds of thousands. Thanks to the possibilities of 3D printing of wax models, we can save the investment in molds.

– Low tolerances
– Thin wall thicknesses are possible
– Low surface roughness
– Complex design can be realized, without release angles
– Small markings can be cast very clearly, such as texts or logos
– Suitable for a wide range of materials

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