Sand Casting

About Sand Casting

Sand casting is one of the most used techniques, which is applied both manually and automatically (for example, a semi-automatic mold and an automatic mold), depending on the required numbers. It is usually used for gray, or modular cast iron, but also for aluminum, steel and stainless steels.

The molds are usually made from aluminum or composite materials, this guarantees a long service life. However, tools can also be made from wood to reduce the cost price. This is often chosen for small and / or one-time series. The disadvantage of this is that the surface roughness is higher than with an aluminum or composite mold.

The production process is fairly simple, although cores can be used to create more complex shapes. The release angles and the way in which tool sections are constructed must be taken into account. This technique is suitable for both small and large series, ranging from approximately 200 grams to thousands of kilos.

– High production flexibility
– Low numbers are possible
– Large components can be made

Questions about Sand Casting?