Woerden-Sales produces  forged and casted parts & tools. We deliver to most major trailer manufacturers in Europe.

“Pure quality for a low price.”


Woerden-Sales produces and sells forged and casted metal parts & tools. We deliver this to almost all major trailer manufacturers in Europe.


Reasons why trailer manufacturers choose Woerden-Sales.


Producing in the most economical location

Through years of experience in technical wholesaling and its extensive international network, director owner Gerard Woerdenbag has succeeded  in building a preferred brand; NAFTA & WS.               Production takes place in, among others, China, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Germany.
Woerden-Sales is also wellknown for its client specific parts.


Logistics via Rotterdam, warehouse in Rotterdam & Enschede

On the spot checks and agreements with logistical partners keeps stock and reliable delivery high. Products can be ordered on demand in our webshop. Deliveries can be made directly as Full Load Container or per full export box from Rotterdam. Smaller numbers mostly ship from Enschede in small parcels


Short contact lines

Woerden sales is a flat organization allowing us to deliver samples very quickly. Forged and cast steel parts can go from the drawing board to your company within 45 days. We are always available through email and telephone. We can almost always respond immediately or at least within 24 hours.


Low costs

Everything is aimed at working as efficiently as possible. Econimic standard assortment in stock, no representatives, no board of directors, no large premises, reception or lease cars. Warehousing and logistics are done by professionals and we have no maximum capacity. Transport is by FCL from Asia to Rotterdam, which is the most efficient in terms of costs. Our factories have their own mold / tool shop, which means we can better guarantee quality, adjust / develop quickly and keep costs low.
Picture is taken in our new automatic warehouse near Qingdao.


Broader applications

We are regarded as a reliable partner by most major trailer manufacturers as an OEM(original parts manufacturer). There is also interest in our clamps in the areas of construction, overhead rails, steel construction, screw foundations and the assembly of prefab elements. As a specialty producer and supplier, Woerden-Sales has provided quality parts for the truck(trailer) market for more than 10 years. We deliver to most major trailer manufacturers in Europe.


Summary of our customers

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